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Our children deserve a healthy space
We collect and recycle for a cleaner environment
Deta recycling centre
A modern plastic waste recycling center
We close the loop, from waste to end product
Collection - Sorting - Recycling

The Timișoara Collection Center

In the capital of Banat, the main focus is on collecting different types of paper waste. Read more...

The Arad Collection Center

Our business here focuses on sorting PET and plastic material. Read more...

The Oradea Collection Center

We reached Crișana back in 2017, when we opened up our third center. Obviously, our area of business is the seat of the Bihor county. Read more...

The Deta Recycling Center

In the small town located in the south of the Timiș county, we recycle plastic products. We have a facility that produces transparent and colored plastic pearls. Read more...

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