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We are young. We were born in 2010. However, with the energy youth has offered us, we have managed to become, in less than a decade, one of the most important collection and recycling companies in Romania. Our business began in Timișoara. We were growing healthily and, then, step by step, we have extended over the entire western part of the country.

Such extension occurred as a consequence of the fact that we were constantly reinvesting. For instance, in 2019, we have commissioned a production line for plastic pearls made from LDPE / HDPE, with the total investing costs amounting to more than €3,000,000.

We currently have collection centers on the city located on the Bega channel, as well as in Arad, Oradea and Deta. We use the four urban centers to gather all types of recyclable material: paper, plastic, glass, wood and metal waste. The amount we are collecting and sorting currently exceeds 2,500 tons per month.