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Our company is your professional partner whenever we speak about collection and recycling of waste.

Plastic, Metal, Paper or Wood Waste Collected Directly from You

We collect any type of paper, cardboard, wood and aluminum waste, directly off your site. We also take in polyethylene waste, PETs and other types of plastic materials, for recycling. Collection shall be carried out using own plant.

Extended Collection Area

We provide collection services even outside the three aforementioned counties where we have operating points. They are provided by subcontractors, but the quality of the services offered is the same, as all our partners are professionals.

We Offer You Your Own Collection Plant

Also, in order to facilitate the work of some our partners producing a larger amount of waste, which they are further required to manage, our company offers the equipment specific to such task. We are talking about dumpsters, pressing dumpsters, packing presses and chopping and packaging devices.

We May Draw Up Any Documents You Require for Your Business

We offer all our clients traceability documents and certificates offered by recyclers proving that waste was indeed recycled.